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Prince Albert


2019 Membership: 51 active members, 4 Associates and 1 Life Member

Regular Meetings: Dinner, fourth Tuesday of the month / Coffee every Tuesday at 2:00 PM

Communications: Newsletter is issued monthly except July, August, November


The Prince Albert Division is a fraternal group but are involved in several other matters. The wellbeing of our members and their families is uppermost. We have for the past several years and still provide a $500.00 Bursary each year to the University of Saskatchewan, which is currently made available to the College of Nursing. Our assistance to the Salvation Army with the Christmas Kettle is well known, as in a sort of local competition with other law enforcement groups, we have always brought in the most cash.

Tradition and heritage events

  • Locally, two of our members and one former member pretty well revised and modernized the Historical, Museum in the City and continue to provide almost daily assistance in one form or another, even to doing carpenter work etc.
  • We recently provided $500.00 to the Committee planning on building a memorial to our two murdered members at Spiritwood, Sask. (Csts.Cameron and Bourdages).
  • Our membership is almost 50-50 in Prince Albert in relation to northern area and Carrot River Valley, accordingly members are involved in many local clubs, churches, etc.


Sick and shut-in visits

Visitations to veterans and members, and get-well offerings.

Law enforcement/community

  • Remembrance Day and police/peace officer memorial services
  • Honour guard at funerals
  • We have a good relationship with the RCMP North District and our efforts at recruiting new members is ongoing

Association programs/services

  • Division advocacy; Updates on veteran issues and benefits, such as estate planning insurance, etc.
  • Widows of former members are always kept in mind and invited to all our Social functions as guests

Special events

  • Annual Christmas dinner
  • Annual barbecue
  • Guest speakers on member-interest issues

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