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Why Be Part of the Association Membership?

Access to credible information and knowledgeable support is critical in making the best decisions for us and our families. The Association membership, along with our support structures and programs, are an information and support network that play a crucial role in providing access to information sources and support to the RCMP (RCMP) Veterans community.

The Association’s network is made up of good people who have the shared experience of the unique working environment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This network creates opportunities for individuals to share information and have access to support to meet the changes we all deal with as we live our lives after the RCMP. Also, membership fosters a sense of community and belonging in allowing individuals to connect with others who understand the challenges and responsibilities of our shared former employer.

Membership in the Association provides access to our network of information and shared experiences which allows our membership to gain a better understanding of what life after the RCMP can be and with that make more informed decisions for their futures.

Our Stated Association Mission is:

To be responsive to the physical, psychological, social and economic welfare of all former employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their families.

The RCMP Veterans’ community encompasses all former RCMP employees and is somewhere between 22 to 25 thousand persons. The RCMP Veterans’ Association grew from an initial group in 1886 and now, celebrates its 100th anniversary, having been formally incorporated in 1924. The Association currently has over 7,000 members from coast to coast to coast and is formally recognized by the Force, the Government of Canada, and other valued stakeholders.

The members of the RCMP Veterans’ Association are committed to and invested in our mission. We invest through annual membership fees and our time, as volunteers for our communities, our divisions and the Association as a whole.

Our investments play a significant role in supporting the Association’s efforts to provide valuable support, services, and assistance to our membership and the greater RCMP Veterans’ community.


By choosing to be a member of the Association, you ensure our ability to grow and adapt to the changing needs of our membership and to continually attract and retain members from the larger RCMP Veterans’ community.

With your investment and help, we can be there for good people, like yourself, who have responded to the call for service to provide public safety for Canadians.

Life after the RCMP will be different for each of us, however, there is certainty that you and/or your family will cherish the support and services that the Association offers when we need it. The Association is not a continuation of the RCMP, it is a safe and people-centric group of former employees of the Force.

Be part of making a difference in the lives of people who have been there for you and your family in the past, are there for you today and will be into the future. We are stronger and more resilient by sustaining our supportive relationships and evolving them to continue to be relevant for the next 100 years of veterans.

These investments of time and money by our membership enable the Association to:

Provide Ongoing Support

Annual fees and volunteer time help the Association maintain its infrastructure, communication channels, and events that facilitate ongoing support for our veterans.

Expand Services

Financial contributions and volunteer efforts can lead to the expansion of services offered by the Association, allowing it to reach more individuals and provide a wider range of resources and support.

Preserve Camaraderie

The investments made by our membership contribute to the preservation of the strong bonds and camaraderie that were formed during their service in the RCMP. These connections can provide a support network for veterans in their post-service

Honour Legacy

Supporting the Association through fees and volunteering is a way for members to honour the legacy of the RCMP and its commitment to public safety. It ensures that the contributions of those who served are recognized and remembered – an Association that had its earliest beginnings in 1886 and as formally incorporated in 1924.