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Your Benefits

RCMP Benefit Trust Fund

The RCMP Act – Section 23, and Regulations 49 – 55, establish that the Benefit Trust Fund (BTF) be for the benefit of members, former members, and their dependents, as well as for such other purposes that would benefit the RCMP as the Minister may direct. The Minister and Commissioner administer the BTF, supported by the BTF Advisory Committee and Administrator.

The BTF was established to account for monies received from sources outside of usual government appropriations. The source of the BTF is generally from donations, gifts, awards of a monetary value, and pay forfeited under the RCMP Act. Monies received for the purposes of the BTF are administered in accordance with the policies of the Government of Canada and the RCMP.

The Commissioner, through agreement by memorandum, has formalized arrangements with the RCMP Veterans’ Association to work closely with the BTF Advisory Committee and Administrator in “pursuing the objectives of the Fund”. This includes matters such as distributing information concerning the BTF to former members and their dependents, assisting with applications for support, providing field assessments, and advising them of “assistance available through the Fund”. Such assistance can include:

  • a grant to a former member of the Force, or dependents of a deceased former member, who are in need of financial assistance;
  • a grant to cover reasonable burial expenses of a former member who dies without sufficient funds, and for which there is no other source of support; and,
  • a grant of up to $100 for the purchase of a wreath honouring a deceased former member.
Financial assistance to a former member or their dependent(s) can be disbursed by a grant as a one-time payment, or monthly payments of up to one-year’s duration, as managed by the Veterans’ Association. Ongoing need is to be reviewed annually by the Veterans’ Association and is subject to recommendation by the Advisory Committee to the Commissioner.

If you know of anyone who could qualify for support and assistance from the BTF, please reach out to your local RCMP Veterans’ Association Advocate, or to the National Association Office, for further information:


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