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While the primary mission of the RCMP Veterans’ Association is to provide a network of support for former employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their families, we also recognize the significance of keeping our community informed and engaged. News and Updates Page serves as an extension of our commitment to fostering a well-rounded and knowledgeable community.

Here you will find a number of posts of interest, about providing our membership and the RCMP Veterans Community with information that will help them manage their life after the RCMP. These will include news articles, bulletins, communiques and requests for assistance on various topics. As you browse our content, remember that your participation is encouraged. Share your thoughts and contribute to the growth of our collective understanding. Your perspective matters, and we’re excited to have you as part of our informed and engaged RCMP Veterans community.

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Veterans Benefits Guide 2024

Who we are. Our Association is a network of former RCMP employees who are dedicated to retaining our strong ties forged in the Force, investing in each other to maintain and expand a coordinated network of mutual support for today, tomorrow, and always.   What we do....

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