Moving on to Greener Pastures

By Tanya Baglole
The clip clop of horse’s hooves on the concrete stable floor rings in the background. Outside, yearlings munch on hay in a sprawling pasture that is part of the 366-acre farm which is home to Pakenham Remount Detachment, the birthplace of the iconic black horses used in the RCMP Musical Ride.

RCMP Commissioner Announces Retirement

RCMP Commr. Bob Paulson announced his retirement after five-and-a-half years of leading the Force.

Canada’s 150th Anniversary Celebrations

From the majestic Rockies out west to the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Canadians are coming together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our country. The RCMP will participate in many activities, including a national tour of our renowned Musical Ride.

Police Service Dogs Armed with High-Tech Vests, Fentanyl-Detection Training

Police Service Dogs in Manitoba are now equipped with ballistic vests to protect them in high-risk situations.

A Royal Affair

By Coralee Reid
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured Canada from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1, 2016. They visited five communities in British Columbia – Victoria, Vancouver, Haida Gwaii, Bella Bella, and Kelowna, and two communities in Yukon – Whitehorse and Carcross.

Celebrating the Life of S/Sgt. Ian McDavid Cooper

By Tanya Baglole
For 60 years, S/Sgt. Ian Cooper was committed to the RCMP, an organization that he loved, guided by his core values of integrity, honour and service to community.

Invitation to Dinner

By D/Commr. Peter German (Rtd.)
On Nov. 22, 1924, nine men enjoyed a sumptuous dinner in one of Lower Manhattan’s finest eateries. They were accomplished individuals who could easily be mistaken for Wall Street bankers or successful businessmen, appropriately attired in fashionable suits, high-collared shirts and ties.

RCMP Collector Amasses Unique Memorabilia

By A/Commr. Dale L. Sheehan (Rtd.), M.O.M.
From the moment one signs up for duty with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, one inadvertently becomes a collector of RCMP kit and memorabilia.

Book Review – Red Coat Diaries

By S/Sgt. Michael Duncan (Rtd.)
When asked to review Red Coat Diaries, I acknowledged a special interest in the career progression of female RCMP members. My troop at Depot Div. was formed just five weeks before the historic Troop 17 — the first troop of women in the Force.

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