Bob Harriman Painting of “Operation Morale Builder” Airdrie Detachment

A close friend of Ron Wesner, Bob Harriman, crafted this beautiful painting of our Drive By at Airdrie Detachment.  Bob wishes to donate the painting to the Members of Airdrie Detachment and arrangements are currently underway to do so.

The Drive By program started off about our Serving Members, our Veterans, and now is about community as well.

We thank Bob Harriman for recognizing the Force and the Veterans with art work.

Bob Harriman is a senior Canadian artist, inventor, published author and Editorial Cartoonist.  His first editorial cartoon was published in 1993.  It’s one of several on his website

The Canadian War Museum acquired his Lest “they” forget painting for its Ottawa Art Collection in 2014.  The month of November painting in the Harriman Art Calendar, annual gifts to collector of his art, have always been dedicated in memory of Canada’s military men and women.  Bob was a Flight Engineer in the RCAF (Korean War) and is a proud recipient of the Canadian Peacekeepers Medal.

Teaching cartooning, as a volunteer, in an after-school program and a K – 4 Breakfast Program, face-painting in the Airdrie Public Library Saturday afternoon kids art program have been some of his most enjoyable art related experiences.

Bob Harriman
Bob Harriman


  1. Avatar Brad Wainwright says:

    Wondering which car is Bob Ellergod’s? I can’t see his silver Corvette!

  2. Avatar Ken Huxter says:

    Awesome just great indeed.

  3. Avatar JOHN BAGG says:

    We certainly appreciate the support. Great job Bob. After 50 years, hello Vince Aquilina. John Bagg #20645 Retired.

  4. Avatar Vincent J. Aquilina says:

    Well done guys! Vince Aquilina #17613 Rtd.

  5. Avatar Joe Hrankowski says:

    What a wonderful gesture on Bob’s part. He shows his strong support for both us Vets and the Force in general A talented thoughtful man!

  6. Avatar Len Jerritt, Ret,d says:

    Thanks for not being duped by the embarrassing left wing stance being exhibited by our media, in particular CBC and the gutless politicians who will do or say anything to get a vote.

  7. Avatar Tom Earl says:

    I like what you are all doing there. Good on you. Hello to Rom Wesner while I am at it.

    Tom Earl

  8. Avatar Edwin L Brinton. says:

    Bob Harriman has shared his great God given talents to brighten up the morale of all R.C.M.P. members, and other police Dept’ across our great country. He is to be commended.

  9. Avatar Ed Secondiak says:

    Thanks to all the Calgary Vets with a special thanks to Bob Harriman