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Year Established: 1960

Membership: 254 Active, Life and Associate Members.

Meetings: Quarterly Executive meetings. Annual General Meeting (all members). Other general meeting or informal gatherings as required

Communications: Division newsletter, website and mail/email fanout.

Toronto Division was founded in 1960 and initially attracted its membership from those who served at “O” Division HQ (Toronto ON), the old Toronto Town Station, RCMP Security Service and Toronto Sub/Division (Belleville, Hamilton, Peterborough, Orillia, Owen Sound, Canadian Forces Base Borden, Malton Airport, Niagara Falls & Fort Erie Detachments). In the early 70’s “O” Div HQ moved to Jarvis Street, Toronto, and the Detachments of Oakville, Mississauga and Oshawa were created. Back then meetings and social events were hosted at local Armouries or former HQ buildings including the Jarvis Street location. That was then and times and circumstances have since changed. “O” Division HQ is in London ON, the last HQ building is a boutique hotel, Malton Airport is now Toronto Pearson International Airport and many of the noted Detachments have long since closed.

Today Toronto Division welcomes new members who not only served throughout the Greater Toronto Area but served elsewhere, retired to Ontario, and now live in proximity to Toronto. Many of our members still live in the city of Toronto but an equal number, or more, live in the surrounding suburban municipalities. We also have several members who hold allegiance to Toronto Division but reside elsewhere in Canada. Another group includes those who by choice of retirement or post RCMP employment live elsewhere in North America, or overseas, but call Toronto Division their Association home. When it comes to members, we are also a Division of “Firsts”. In 1980 we were the first Division in Canada to have a Husband and Wife as members. Then in 1988 we were the first Division to have a Husband, Wife, Daughter and Son-in-Law as members.

Due to various circumstances Toronto Division does not have an office or a set location suitable to host meetings and events. To overcome this situation, we partner with RC Legion Branches located in different parts of the GTA. To accommodate those members who live a fair distance from central Toronto when we host (for example) a social luncheon, there will be one at a GTA East location followed by another at a GTA West venue. Times and dates for events will usually vary to accommodate time of year as well as the schedules of those who are still employed. For those who can’t make these events there are also several informal Coffee Klatches located throughout the GTA.

The Toronto Division Executive continually reviews our member services and how we provide them. As times and circumstances change so does Toronto Division. Today we have proactively updated the role of our Division Advocate and Benefits Officer. Toronto Division Advocate Chris Lavin works closely with the Association Advocate and with local Legion and Military equivalents. He also has access to the RCMP Veterans’ Affairs (VAC) Liaison Member and the “O” Division RCMP Wellness Coordinator. Chris, with the full support of the Executive, can provide the most UpToDate information and necessary support required by a member.

Toronto Division is unique, proud and welcomes you to join us!

Tradition and Heritage Events

  • Donations to Community Association for Riding for the Disabled (C.A.R.D.);
  • Supports ‘Toys for the North’;
  • Support Cadets Canada;
  • Bursary Program to assist students with Post-Secondary education;
  • Attend funerals and arrange donations in honour of deceased members.


Sick and shut-in visits

  • Visitations to veterans and members, and get-well offerings;
  • Support for Widows and Widowers;
  • Volunteer drivers as required.

Law enforcement/community

  • Attend RCMP medal ceremonies;
  • Attend Medal and Badge ceremonies with local Police Services;
  • Take part in Remembrance Day Services throughout the Division’s communities;
  • Attendance the Annual Police Memorial Service;
  • Support Legion functions and ceremonies;
  • Attend or host RCMP Retirement, Wellness and VAC Seminars.

Association programs/services

  • Division advocacy: Educate members on veteran issues and benefits, survivor benefits, estate planning, insurance, etc. Provide active support to members with pension, medical or other concerns;
  • Liaise with RC Legion Service Officers on matters of mutual concern;
  • Arrange financial support to members in need;
  • Provide Honour Guard at wakes and funerals;
  • Conduct the annual RCMP gravesite inspections.

Special and Other Events

  • Monthly social events or Coffee Klatch informal get-togethers;
  • Annual Presidents Dinner;
  • Annual Christmas Wine & Cheese function;
  • Annual Service Awards luncheon;
  • Annual Spring BBQ;
  • Guest Speakers on topics of interest to members.