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Year Established: 1966

2020 Membership: 109 Active members, 10 Life Members, 20 Associate members, 1 Honourary member

Regular Meetings: (2 formal meeting a year) Spring AGM usually in April, Fall meeting usually in October

Communications: Email fan-outs via MailChimp

Dues: $50.00 for Active Members. Effective 2022-01-01 Division dues will rise to $55.00.
Life and Associate Members are requested to donate $25.00 annually to the Division and effective 2022-01-01 these members will be asked to donate $30.00 to the Division


President & Communications Wayne Isbester
Secretary Terry Cameron
Treasurer  Mona Eichmann
Vice President Bob Wood
Past President Norm Smith
Welfare Officer Barb Carter
Division Advocates Please Contact Toronto Advocate Chris Lavin for assistance.
Entertainment Jack Webster


Wayne Isbester, President

Terry Cameron , Secretary

About London Division

London Division is a low key Division which fits well with our membership, given the wide geographic area we live in. We have an active recruitment campaign which includes an excellent relationship with “O” Division HQ., who kindly have provided us a venue for our meetings at the Divisional Messes in London.

Tradition and Heritage Events

The bulk of our efforts go towards social activities and to that end we have a number of initiatives: weekly golf program from May to October; annual golf tournament; several impromptu luncheons and tours, and our Annual Christmas dinner which is the highlight of the year.


Sick and shut-in visits

Visitations to veterans and members, and get-well offerings.

Law enforcement/community

Remembrance Day and police/peace officer memorial services.

Association programs/services

Division advocacy; Updates on veterans’ issues and benefits, such as estate planning insurance, etc.

Special events

  •  Coffee Gatherings.
  • Weekly
    London Area – Every Wednesday @ 9:00 am at Farmboy Food Court, 1415 Beaverbrook Ave., London, ON
  • Monthly
    Kitchener/Waterloo area – 1st Tuesday of every month at the Conestoga Food Court, Waterloo, Ontario @ 10:00 am
  • Guest speakers on member-interest issues – usually slated after our meetings.
  • Donations to the local Food Bank.
  • Annual Christmas dinner, golfing, tours.