Year Established: 1912
2016 Membership: 488 active and life / 20 associate and honorary
Regular Meetings: February, March, May, June, October and November; Socials in January, July and December / 15 coffee klatches in division area


  • Scarlet & Gold newsletter is sent out nine times a year via our MEMBERS ONLY webpage on our website;
  • Vancouver Division Website has five to eight new webpages each week. Since its start on March 2, 2013, a total of 480,000 visitors have viewed it;
  • RCMP Veterans Communique is sent out twice a month to our Division members and another 600 Veterans who in turn send it out to another 1,200 individuals.


  1-888-726-7838 (toll-free in BC only)


The RCMP Veterans, Vancouver Division, is actively involved in both regular and informal meetings. Scheduled throughout the year, there are 6 monthly formal luncheon meetings in which approximately 40 veterans attend on a regular basis. Our annual Christmas Levee is a very popular event with over 100 Veterans regularly in attendance. In the past two years, the Vancouver Division has taken the initiative to recognize a section of the Force and this has been met with much success. In 2014, ”Women of the Force“ were honored and, in 2015, the ”Musical Ride and Equestrian Trained Members“ was the theme. The theme for the 2016 Levee will be ”RCMP Northern Service“.

Tradition and heritage events

  • Our official Division charity is Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities (PRDA) which is a not for profit riding facility that provides therapeutic horseback riding to individuals with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. The Royal Bank of Canada, through the RCMP Veterans, Vancouver Division golf tournament makes a significant contribution to PRDA every year.
  • The Vancouver Division also supports the not for profit Honour House Society which is a ”home away from home“ for Canadian Forces Personnel, Emergency Services Personnel and their families to stay, free of charge, while they are receiving medical care and treatment in the Metro Vancouver area.
  • The Division continues to support the B.C. and Alberta Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs with monetary donations. In the past, representatives of the society (who are Vet members of the Vancouver Division) have spoken and brought puppy dogs ”in training“ to our meetings.
  • Guest speakers have attended a number of our annual events and have spoken on a variety of interesting topics ranging from the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant program at VGH (in which a number of our Vancouver Division Vets are involved in as volunteer stem cell couriers) to the daughter of the late-Supt. Henry Larsen, Captain of the RCMP vessel St. Roch, who spoke on the 1944 voyage of this famed vessel.


Sick and shut-in visits
Visitations to veterans and members, and get-well offerings.

Law enforcement/community

  • Remembrance Day services
  • Police/peace officer memorial services

Association programs/services

  • Division advocacy; Updates on veteran issues and benefits, such as estate planning insurance, etc.
  • Honour guard at wakes and funerals

Special events

  • Annual events include: golf tournament, wine tasting trips, bowling, spring social, and a paddle wheel cruise on the Fraser River.
  • Our Veterans are also in attendance at Mental Health Fairs which have been held, annually, at E Division Headquarters.
  • Vancouver Division hosted AGM 2012 which was the first time that an AGM ever occurred at sea (on a cruise to Alaska) and out of Canada. A major highlight of the AGM was a ”Hands Across the Border“ meet-and-greet that occurred at the U.S. Coast Guard base in Juneau, Alaska, and involved RCMP Veterans, U.S. State Troopers and other law-enforcement and emergency services personnel.
  • Vancouver Division Veteran, Bob McKee, is the Liaison Director for B.C. and the North while Vancouver Division President, Keith Leishman, is serving on the AGM 2016 Nominating Committee.