Supplementary Information

Provided on this page is additional information on a number of topics related to the Association Advocacy Program.  They  may be read using the “read more” button.  If you require further information please contact your Division advocate or the Chief Advocate.  Contact for both individuals is located at Advocates – RCMP Veteran’s Association.


Eligibility to Apply For Attendance Allowance

This document is a compilation of Research on the Attendance Allowance, complete with the Statutory Authorities of eligibility for RCMP Personnel & Veterans.

Statutory Authority Confirming RCMP/Veterans Eligibility to Apply for Attendance Allowance

Comments from Joanne Rigon
Director General, National Compensation Services
Directrice générale, Services nationaux de remuneration

Thank-you very much for your concern on behalf of RCMP Veterans and your diligence in reviewing the current landscape regarding the Attendance Allowance provisions for eligibility of RCMP Veterans at this time.

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Cases of Interest

RCMP Veterans’ Association (RCMPVA) Advocates were contacted to assist a RCMP Veteran with serious health conditions because of injuries on duty.

Health conditions include a deteriorating loss of mobility. Among other issues, the mobility loss was to the point that a power wheelchair would be required. It was indicated that the Veteran seek assistance from the RCMP Benefit Trust Fund (BTF) and/or the RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation.

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Next Case

On November 17, 2021, the daughter of a veteran wrote to the RCMP Veterans’ Association (RCMPVA) looking for some help concerning her father. RCMPVA CAO Glen Siegersma passed the message on to me as our Division’s Advocate.

The daughter was contacted, and I learned that her father had some rather severe medical issues requiring the assistance of a personal health care worker. As such, an agency was contacted, and the family was told that the costs should be covered.

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