Survivors and Executors Guide

The RCMP Veterans’ Association has now web-published the 2018 edition of the “Guide for Survivors and Executors” which will be a permanent feature on the Association’s website.

Authored and updated by Vic and Janet Gorman of the Nova Scotia Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, the Guide is a valuable reference tool designed to assist and inform members, spouses, executors and attorneys who have to manage the affairs and estates following the death of a RCMP Veteran.

As noted by Association President Al Rivard (now Past President & Governor) in 2016 when the guide was first published on the site, “Vic and Janet Gorman very graciously assigned their copyright to the RCMP Veterans’ Association so that we could publish it on our website for all to access,”. “Their hard work in compiling the Guide, and their generosity in allowing it to be freely published on our website, is highly commendable.”

“This Guide is of inestimable service to anyone who is called upon to preform the duties of an executor. It is also a great source of information and contacts for survivors during the sensitive and emotional period following the passing of their loved one,” he said.

The French translation of the 2018 Guide will be posted at an early opportunity. Many of the updates relate to contact information. In the interim, we will continue to post the 2016 edition on the French side of the website, with a recommendation that French users double-check the posted 2018 English version for phone numbers, email addresses and the like.