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2023 Membership:
407 Active and Life members
200 Associate and Honourary Members

Regular Meetings: Last Tuesday of the month, meetings held at the Woodvale Community Facility in Edmonton

Communications: Division newsletter (published 9 or 10 times per year) and our Division website. Edmonton has also taken advantage of the Mailchimp email system provided by National and utilizes it for ease of sending messages to our Membership.


NOTE: this is the Gift Shop’s phone number which has restricted hours. If no answer, leave a message and/or send an email to our President as noted above.

Tradition and heritage events

  • Maintain the Wall of Honour at K Division HQ Building
  • Support to Valour Place, a temporary home away from home for all Canadian Forces members, RCMP, Families of the Fallen, Veterans and First Responders and their families who require medical treatment in Edmonton at NO COST.
  • Sponsor Christmas hampers for families that are in difficult financial circumstances in locations policed by the RCMP. We are looking at expanding this program to other times of the year.


Sick and shut-in visits

Edmonton has the Boost Program which sends get well greetings and sympathy greetings to our members in times of serious illness, hospitalizations, and loss of family members and those close to them. In some cases home and hospital visits are included. It is widely used to lift the spirits and show our care and concern to our members.

Law enforcement/community

  • Remembrance Day services
  • RCMP medal ceremonies
  • Attendance at annual police memorial service

Edmonton Division holds monthly dinner meetings of members, family and friends except for July, August and December although we have a Christmas function in December. We support various charitable organizations throughout the year such as the Edmonton Veterans Association Food Bank and various other worthy causes.

On the 11th September 2019 a new 96 niche Columbarium was put in place at the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP Cemetery. This endeavour took some seven years where we worked with the Force and finally achieved our goal.

Association programs/services

  • Division Advocacy Program “Providing Exemplary Support And Service For The Welfare Of Our Veteran Members and Their Families”.
  • Offer an Honour guard at services of celebration of life, wakes and funerals
  • Provide member care through our Division Chaplain

Special events

  • One member of the Executive is an Ex-Officio member of the Board of Directors of Valour Place and we support and help at the yearly Valour Place Walk-a-Thon
  • Appreciation Dinner is where we recognize the spouses of deceased members and also those who have supported the Veterans Association. We have also invited working RCMP members and their partners as our guests to acquaint them with our Association. rcmpgiftshop.ca