All Association Divisions:
During Wednesday’s monthly Board of Directors meeting, we discussed the varying practices and criteria across Canada for the provision of Covid-19 vaccine.
In many provinces and territories, it appears the police are not being considered an immediate priority.

This is a really disturbing issue since all of us know, police duties not only bring the police in close proximity to people, but often into direct contact. I am told “G” Division members have received the vaccine but apparently this is not the case throughout Canada.
It is simply unreasonable for the public to expect our brothers and sisters to put their health, and indeed, their lives in jeopardy without proper protection. The medical community will all agree the wearing of masks does not provide any great degree of protection against Covid and in fact, I am advised some of our serving members have already contracted the virus.

One of our most important roles as a Veterans Association is to provide support to former and serving members of the RCMP and reaching out to provincial and territorial parliamentary officials is certainly an integral part of what we can do, especially when we witness situations that unnecessarily put them in harm’s way. If your province or territory does not include peace officers in the first wave of vaccine protection, then I urge you and your respective members to formally correspond with the appropriate members of your provincial and territorial legislature, including the person or persons in charge of medical services, protesting this unfortunate fact and urging them to immediately provide vaccinations to our serving brothers and sisters.

This is extremely important, and we just might be able to make a difference and it’s certainly worth the effort.

Respectively and sincerely A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, President
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