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The Quarterly aims to keep the police community of the past and present connected and to continue to build on the legacy. While we can learn from what others did before us, we can also leave something behind for future generations.

Since its origins in 1933, the objective of The Quarterly is to highlight the tradition and to tell the stories from past and present about the RCMP.

The RCMP Veterans’ Association assumed the responsibility for the publication of The Quarterly from the RCMP in October 1999 to keep it alive and vibrant.

The Quarterly is a tool for police officers, veterans, historians, and students to learn from the past, to keep up with policing trends and to share on programs, events and activities.

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Board of Trustees

C/Supt. Al Rivard (Rtd.)

Insp. Tom Abernethy (Rtd.)

D/Commr. Peter German (Rtd.)

Suzanne Sarault

Supt. Al Mathews (Rtd.)

Editorial Management Committee

S/Sgt. Michael Duncan (Rtd.)

Insp. Tom Abernethy (Rtd.)

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Tanya Baglole

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S/Sgt Ted Sisk (Rtd) – Calgary, Alberta
RCMP National Communication Services

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Diane Couturier

Spring 2022 / Vol. 87 - No. 2

In This Edition

  • Mountie, Entrepreneur & Dragon:
    The remarkable journey of Jim Treliving
  • City under Siege
  • The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires
    A unique Canadian institution
    that upholds RCMP’S values
  • First Responders
    Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Lives
  • RCMP National Memorial Cemetery:
    Seventh Phase in Progress
  • Queen Elizabeth II picks her
    next horse from the RCMP
  • 1919: The RNWMP and the
    Birth of Federal Policing
  • From the Report of the Commissioner
  • Book Review
    In Search of Almighty Voice:
    Resistance and Reconciliation

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