RCMP National Memorial Cemetery


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The RCMP symbolizes Canada’s commitment to peace and security both domestically and internationally. It is a proud organization comprised of individuals who endorse this vision fully and who are profoundly committed to its achievement. However this reality of service to the RCMP is not without personal sacrifice to the families of our dedicated employees. The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood National Cemetery, situated in Ottawa, was created to recognize the significant contribution of the families of the members of the North West Mounted Police, (NWMP), the Royal North West Mounted Police (RNWMP) and employees of the RCMP.

The chosen site for the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood is immediately adjacent to that of the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Ottawa Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association is the driving force in actively promoting the creation and continued development of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood as a legacy of the past and future.

The concept of the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood is unique in the sense that it was conceived for the exclusive use of all employees of the RCMP, regular members, civilian members and public servants and their families. This is an important consideration as the unwavering support of families of our employees has always been a distinguishing factor in their lives. It is only fitting that Beechwood National Cemetery be the chosen site as it is a beautiful public site where visitors can pay their respects to those who have committed their lives to peace and good order on behalf of all Canadians.

The RCMP National Memorial Cemetery is a legacy to the Force’s intricate role in the history of Canada from sea to sea to sea. It demonstrates the appreciation, respect, recognition and unwavering commitment of the RCMP to its members and their families and it is an incentive to all former, active and future employees of the RCMP.


Cheque is to be made to the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation with “RCMP National Memorial Cemetery” stated on the front. You can mail it to:

Beechwood Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services
280 Beechwood Avenue
PO Box 7025
Ottawa, ON K1L 8E2

The official donation receipt will be issued by the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation.