The Association By-Law was approved by the Board of Directors in February of
2022 and, by ordinary resolution, approved by the membership effective June 3rd, 2022.

The Association By-Law No. 1 is established by the Board of Directors who are
supported by the By-Law Committee to ensure the By-Law is aligned to regulate the activities and affairs of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.

The By-Law is a working document, and as such amendments to it can be
considered to continue to enhance it where needed. The Board of Directors can
make, amend or repeal any by-law (except in respect of matters referred to in
subsection 197(1) of the Incorporation act), and present it for approval by way of an ordinary resolution at a general meeting of members. The voting members can confirm, amend, and confirm as amended, or reject the resolution.

Proposed amendments should be made in writing and provided to the Division
President/Executive for review. Following division review they would be forwarded as recommendations for amendment/s to the By-law to the Chair of the By-Law Committee for review and response. The Board of Directors, in consultation with the By-Law Committee will provide advice and guidance on next steps for proposed amendments.

The reader should note that the version of our By-Law, featured in the download
below, is the most recent (2022) version of the By-Law. Should you have any
questions about the material contained in the download please contact the
Association through our contact page.