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2016 Membership: 281 active and life / 72 associate and honorary
Regular Meetings: Two annual general meetings every spring (May) and fall (October)
Communications: Division newsletter and website.


Tim Hoban

The New Brunswick Division has six (6) regions which hold monthly luncheons. The Division supports and manages student scholarship program jointly with RCMP for Division.

Tradition and heritage events

  • Division Scholarship presents six (6) $1.000/annually to regular/veteran members’ families.
  • Develop relationships in regards to sponsors for Scholarship program, and providing advertising in Newsletter and on website for a nominal fee.
  • NB Division has hosted a couple of National AGM’s.
  • Support VAC Hospital with financial donations.
  • Support Divisional/National sports.
  • Assist with disaster relief when necessary.
  • Developing policy and guidelines for assisting RCMP in all forms required.


Sick and shut-in visits
Visitations to veterans/members and get-well offerings; Hospitalized members provided with get well basket flowers/fruit $50/once year.

Law enforcement/community

  • RCMP medal ceremonies.
  • Remembrance Day Service Attendance throughout the Division’s communities.
  • Attendance at Annual Police Memorial Service.
  • Attends CO ”J“ Division functions, e.g. Christmas events.
  • Members assist the RCMP in most special, memorial, Public Relations (musical ride) services.

Association programs/services

  • Division advocacy; Updates on veteran issues and benefits, such as estate planning insurance, etc.
  • Honour guard at wakes and funerals; donation made to non-profit/charity of choice in name of deceased member $100.00 assistance BTF.
  • Annual gravesite inspections.


Special events

  • Annual Christmas dinner, all Widows provided with Christmas Gift certificate $40/groceries.
  • Guest Speakers on topics of interest to members.