Board of Directors

The RCMPVA is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing the business activities and other affairs of the Association. The board is comprised of up to eleven directors, who serve for three years. The Board is supported by four officers; three of whom are elected internally from within the board.

President - RCMP Veterans' Association

Alexander (Sandy) Glenn

Director - Vice President of The Association

Sandra Conlin

Acting Director of Membership

Director - Pensions and Benefits

Steve Walker

Past President of The Association

Officer - Treasurer of the Association

Peter Sorensen

Peter served for 31 years, in five Federal Government departments, and retired August 1, 1997 (1964-1997).,
[read] 5 years of those in the R.C.M.P. and 27
years in four Government Organizations.[/read]

Director - Secretary of The Association

Bob Byers


James Forrest


Céline Gingras

36 years of active service as a police officer with the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Quebec City, Ottawa
and Montreal.
Criminal investigations: Federal and criminal laws
investigations specializing in bankruptcy and fraud investigations.
Administrative Services and investigations support: Non-commissioned officer (NCO) in
charge of Risk management and Ministerial security for the personal of the « C »
Division (Province of Quebec) and Court Liaison officer in Great Montreal Area.
National and International Protected Persons: For six years, personal security (driver and
bodyguard), security visit planning for dignitaries, (Canadian Prime minister and
ministers and others Canadian dignitaries, International protected persons (IPP),
President Reagan and Clinton of United States, Pope Jean-Paul II and others IPP.
Participation to Major Events in Canada, G8 and G20 Summits, International
Francophone summits, American summit, Olympic Games, etc.
Criminal intelligence and analysis program: Criminal analyst for the commercial fraud
and organized crime.[/read]


Garry Loeppky

Garry Loeppky served in the RCMP for over 33 years in various locations in “E” Division, Headquarters, and “J” Division.
His operational duties included front line general duty policing, drug enforcement, protective policing, major event planning, human resources management, international liaison, and high level operational responsibilities.
Following retirement, he was involved in activities such as the investigation commander for the United Nations Tribunal in Lebanon, and conducted reviews of security plans for events such as the 2010 Olympics. He also chaired the National DNA Data Bank Advisory Committee for seven years and was a volunteer fire fighter in his local community for thirteen years. He is a past president of the Shuswap RCMP Veterans Division and resides in the Shuswap area in the interior of British Columbia with his spouse Jean.[/read]


Robert (Bob) Myhill

Retired RCMP Superintendent with 40 years service in the Intelligence, Protective and Special Operations fields. Served in “J”, Security Service, CSIS, “HQ” and “O” Divisions.

In addition to the internal running of the Association, the Secretariat leads the development of responsible standards and assurance mechanisms, manages its stakeholder engagement and communications and implements its membership program, including working with our Divisions in  the organization of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Chief Administration Officer

Glen Siegersma

Executive Assistant

Chantal Renaud

Chief Advocate - Operational Director

Mike Duffy

403-866-8200 (Mobile)

Benefit Trust Fund (BTF) - Manager

Steve Graham


Audit Committee


Independent of the Secretariat

Honours and Recognition - Operational Director

Ralph Mahar

Membership - Director (Acting)

Sandra Conlin

Strategic Engagement - Operational Director

Alan Treddenick


The RCMPVA Board of Directors conducts its oversight functions in concert with key committees so the association and its boardoperates both effectively and in accordance with a high standard of corporate governance that adheres to the requirements of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

Association Governance Committee (AGC)

Chair: Sandra Conlin

Treasurer: Peter Sorensen

Secretary: Robert (Bob) Byers

Chief Administration Officer: Glen Siegersma

Director: Garry Loeppky



Chair: Secretariat

Website: Secretariat

Internal & External Communications: Secretariat


Membership Committee

Chair: Acting – Sandra Conlin

Association Membership Management System: Secretariat



Chair: Mike Duffy

Deputy Chair: Céline Gingras

Chief Advocate: Mike Duffy


Support Committee

Pension Advisory Committee (RCMP PAC): Steve Walker

Pension Finance Oversight Committee: Steve Walker

Member Benefits & RCMP Benefit Trust Fund:  Céline Gingras

Dental Advisory: Bill Brydon (Nova Scotia Division)

Graves Committee: Jack O’Reilly (Toronto Division)


Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Bob Byers


ExOfficio:  Don Belke


Nomination Committee

Chair: Steve Walker, Past President


Honours & Recognition Committee

Chair: Ralph Mahar



Chair: Vacant

RCMP – RCMPVA Benefits Committee

Co-Chair: Steve Walker

Co-Chair: Director General/Officer i/c National Compensations Services, RCMP



Regional Liaison

BC & Yukon: To be determined

Prairies: Bob Byers

Ontario & Quebec: Sandra Conlin

Atlantic: To be determined


Veterans’ Women’s Council

Chair: Jane Hall

Association Advocate: Mike Duffy

Member: Vivienne Stewart, BC

Member: Kathy Long, NS

Member: Tim Hoban, NB

Member: Dr. Darlene Worth, NS

Ex Officio: Steve Walker, President, MB

Ex Officio: Al Rivard, Governor & Special Advisor, NB


VAC Stakeholders

Advisory Group on Families: Dave Leblanc

Service Excellence Advisory Group: Ralph Mahar


Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research

Lead: Rick Morris


Office of the Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Council (OVO)

Council Member: Al Rivard


RCMP Veterans’ Association Foundation

Director: Keith Trail, Nanaimo, BC

Director: John Francis, Kingston, ON

Director: Ian Atkins, Bedford, NS

Director: Roy Berlinquette, Ottawa, ON

Director: Robert Hurman, Paradise, NL

Director: Jerry Plastow, Edmonton, AB

Member: Steve Walker

Board of Governors

Chair: Steve Walker , Winnipeg, Man

Al Rivard, Moncton, NB

Dave Leblanc, Gimli, MB

Cal Small, Orleans, ON

Tim Hoban, Miramichi, NB

Rick Morris, Toronto, ON

Bill Patton, Edmonton, AB

Keith Trail, Namaimo, BC

Bill McCheyne, Surrey, BC

Dale Lively, St. Andrews, NB