The challenges faced by most printed publications in North America are real and unsettling. One recent study indicated that sales of printed publications have decreased 40% since 2011, and that we are now spending 40% of our time looking at media on our phones instead of laptops and desktops. With that in mind, the Quarterly launched another readership survey—the second in as many years.

This time, we are took aim at RCMP employees and veterans who are not current subscribers of the magazine. The survey results have provided important insight into our decreasing subscription numbers, and have resulted in 11 recommendations that will guide our decision-making in the future. Each of these recommendations was discussed at our Board of Trustees meeting on 21 June 2017 and those deemed to be the most meritorious, have been assigned for follow up.

The Board wishes to express its collective appreciation for the participation of RCMP employees and veterans who completed the survey. And we are placing some urgency on the outcome of our work ahead, and will keep our readers informed of progress in a timely fashion.

Michael Duncan
Chair, Board of Trustees
RCMP Quarterly