The Governance Manual

The RCMP Veterans’ Association diversified and geographically diverse structure does
not lend itself well to a “one size fits all” model for governance. The responsibility of the Board
of Directors is to provide the Association with strategic direction and to ensure accountability
in measuring how our mission is accomplished. The delivery of the business plan and the
actual work involved to achieve the strategic direction set by the Board is the responsibility of
management, and in our case that translates to the Chief Administration Officer (CAO),
working interdependently with the Association Division Presidents, the Board and the Chair of our various Committees.

Our individual efforts and collective performance will determine the future
of the RCMP Veterans’ Association. Our ability to have a positive impact on the thousands of
veterans who look to us now, and will in the future, is not tied to the positions we hold but to
the leadership we bring to the Board and to the Association as a whole.

The new RCMPVA Governance Manual is available in the pdf link below.  This is a searchable pdf.