[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] July 10, 2020
 Ottawa, Ontario


Last week RCMP Members successfully intervened with and arrested an individual who posed a significant threat at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. We have since been disappointed by commentary from multiple sources speculating on a potentially different outcome to the peaceful resolution of this incident.

To suggest a more violent conclusion would have been inevitable if the suspect was of another race is speculative and disheartening to the responding officers, their families, and all partners who helped successfully and professionally resolve this threat.

This creates an abstract and negative distraction from an evolving and important national dialogue with all stakeholders seeking solutions to societal issues. In fact, it may only further distance some of Canada’s communities from the vast majority of dedicated and caring police officers who respect all people and keep their communities safe.

Our Members responded quickly and effectively to end a volatile situation using successful de-escalation techniques taught and practised by all RCMP officers. RCMP officers are guided by the Incident Management Intervention Model (IMIM) when interacting with the public. The IMIM emphasizes approaching situations with the lowest level of intervention possible which starts with officer presence and communication and adapts to the subject’s own actions and response. Through this model, RCMP officers successfully resolve the vast majority of crisis situations without using force.

We welcome the constructive and necessary dialogue evolving across the country. The RCMP is changing and evolving to reflect the people and country we serve. It is already well underway and we are committed to so much more.

Brenda Lucki

Brian Sauvé
National Police Federation

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