On behalf of all the members of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, I want to convey warm congratulations to Commissioner-Designate Brenda Lucki on her appointment as the 24th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The RCMP Veterans’ Association is very pleased that Commissioner-Designate Lucki was chosen from amongst the ranks of the RCMP. As a career officer, she will be able to draw upon her broad experience in contract policing, federal enforcement, domestic and international police training, and relationship building with First Nations, as she takes on the challenge of leading our national police service at a pivotal time in the RCMP’s history.

As the first female to be appointed to the position of Commissioner in a permanent capacity, this historic appointment will rightfully signal to the men and women of the RCMP – and to all Canadians – that a new era is upon us.

The RCMP Veterans’ Association wishes Commissioner-Designate Lucki every success in her new duties, and we commit ourselves once again to support her and all the men and women of the RCMP to the best of our abilities in assisting them in any way we can.

With warmest regards,

Al Rivard
RCMP Veterans’ Association