“PILLARS OF THE FORCE” is a major initiative of the Friends of the Mounted Police Heritage Centre and RCMP Veterans’ Association, dedicated to recognizing all Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who have honourably served; Officers who, day in and day out, answer the call to duty often under difficult and challenging circumstances.

They are among Canada’s best and are indeed, the “Pillars of the Force”. This initiative also recognizes the dedicated public service employees, the community at large and families who support the Members on the front line.

To acknowledge their service and contribution, the pillars lining the “Princess Royal Walk” at the RCMP Heritage Centre, overlooking the north gate, at “Depot” Division, “Home of the RCMP”, are being dedicated to recognize veterans and serving members of the Force who have successfully completed their basic training program and serve honourably, without fear, favour or affection.

Not only does this initiative provide a lasting legacy to those who serve and provide support, it ensures the RCMP Heritage Centre has an ever expanding collection of stories and financial resources to continue sharing our story with generations to come.

How Does it Work?

Pillars of the Force provide opportunities to preserve legacies via engraved nameplates on the Pillars, engraved bricks on the Walkway and upon a virtual pillar inside the Heritage Centre.

The “Pillars of the Force” will open to the public at the RCMP Veterans’ Association AGM in Regina, “Home of the RCMP” in June of 2020.

Once opened, the “Princess Royal Walk” and the adjacent pillars along the front of the RCMP Heritage Centre will be transformed into a living legacy of those who serve and have served as it continues to grow over the following years. This initiative will also provide financial support to ensure the legacy is shared with generations to come.

Stake Your Claim

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