Ottawa becomes first division to fully integrate into the association’s website

Ottawa has become the first of the RCMPVA’s 30 divisions to significantly increase its web presence and reach, while decreasing the effort required to maintain and support its own domain by integrating into the association’s national website. Other divisions are expected to follow.

Ottawa Division members can now access more content and take advantage of powerful technologies and tools being built into the advanced association website. One such tool is an online calendar that helps members quickly and easily keep tabs on upcoming division events and meetings. Another allows the executive to conduct business better through a set of integrated web applications used collaboratively through group email accounts.

Work has already begun on functionality that will allow members to access members-only content at the national level and within their own division, but block entry to another division’s restricted content.

The integration is part of the association’s three-phase website revitalization program launched last spring. The phases are simply defined as: Phase I: Revamp the form and function of the national website (completed May 2016); Phase II: Further expand the website on way to creating a dynamic, one-stop destination members visit to be informed, communicate, and find assistance through automated services, including the integration of divisions and introduction of e-commerce (pay for your annual division golf tournament or membership online); Phase III: Increase member services and expand e-commerce capability.

“The purpose of the website is to keep our membership informed about the activities of the board and its committees, and to educate the world about who the RCMPVA is and what we do,” said association president Al Rivard. “Since our 2014 AGM, I have been advocating ‘One Association – One Website’. I want to welcome Ottawa as the first division to integrate into the association website, and look forward to seeing all divisions do the same. The association website will be the ‘go to’ place to get information.”

Ottawa Division can be found on the web at, or by selecting the Divisions tab on the association’s main website menu.