With one of the largest numbers of Active memberships in the country, to better manage membership expectations, the Division is subdivided into eight Regions with each Region conducting activities for, and providing services to, members within their Region, while encouraging the comraderie between all Regions. Each Region also seeks opportunities to support local charities and community activities, drawing on Division-wide resources when required. Each Region has trained resources to support surviving family members following death of the member or a member of their immediate family, and to assist members requiring disability assistance.

This Division also has a sizable number of spouses who have been welcomed into the VA as Associate members. All members are encouraged to participate in the various committees, meetings, social events and special initiatives.

This progressive Division welcomes new members who may have served elsewhere in the country; from their previous connections within the VA and the Force, there likely are plenty of linkages to be discovered. Guest speakers at meetings and workshops provide professional and current information to provide to the membership the tools for a healthy and rewarding retirement and to illustrate access to appropriate benefits and programs to which they may qualify.