With the thanks to RCMP Corps Sergeant Major Alan McCambridge, the RCMP Veterans’ Association has been authorized to accept new applications for Veterans for the Generational Insignia and Territorial Insignia pins.

RCMP Veterans who qualify will be required to submit their application forms to the RCMP Veterans’ Association Division to which they belong. Contact addresses for the 30 RCMP Veterans’ Association Divisions can be found on this website under the “Divisions” menu.

The insignia will be identical as those issued to qualified serving members and employees of the Force, and will be custom-ordered from the same manufacturer. The cost per insignia will be $20.00. All proceeds above the cost of manufacturing will be donated to the RCMP Veterans’ Association charity, the Maintiens Le Droit Trust Fund. Cheques or money orders only please.

Divisions are asked to further inform your members that new applications are once again being received via Regular General Meetings or your own communications channels and to encourage submissions from members who missed the first opportunity in 2017 or new members who have not yet applied and who meet the eligibility criteria. All applications must be submitted through the Divisions. Separate applications will not be processed.

Each application will be reviewed and approved by the RCMP Corps Sergeant Major. The approval / denial decision is solely that of the CSM; not the RCMP Veterans’ Association. The decision of the CSM then authorizes the RCMP Veterans’ Association to make an order to the manufacturer to produce the insignia. The RCMP Veterans’ Association will hold limited stock of the insignia to support this ongoing program. Once received from the manufacturer, the insignia will be returned to the Divisions for presentation or distribution as per their local procedures or customs.

Criteria: RCMP Generational Service Insignia

The RCMP Generational Service Insignia pin was launched on November 9, 2016 to honour families who have served the Force over the generations. Maple-leaf designs will indicate the number of direct generations in the family who have served. The Generational Service Insignia pin is open to all Regular Members and Civilian Members. Public Service Employees who are currently working for the RCMP with more than ten years’ service with the Force may also apply. Immediate family members are defined as grandparents, parents, children, siblings and spouses who have served the Force. Family members with other police services do not qualify.

Criteria: RCMP Territorial Service Insignia

To recognize those who have served and continue to serve our Northern Territories, the Force launched the RCMP Territorial Service Insignia on November 22, 2016.

The RCMP Territorial Service Insignia consists of a 32 x 9 mm rectangular royal blue pin, edged in gold with a Husky representing “M” Division, a Polar Bear representing “G” Division, and an Inuksuk representing “V” Division. Combinations of the Husky, Polar Bear, and Inuksuk are also available for those employees who have served in multiple Territorial Divisions. All RCMP employees, including Public Service Employees, Municipal Employees and Auxiliary Constables who are serving or who have completed their commitment of service in one or more Territorial Division are eligible to receive the Insignia.

The pins are similar in size to existing Commendation pins and can be worn on operational uniforms, dress uniforms and civilian clothes, including Association Dress, on the right lapel.