On February 18, 2018, Al Rivard, our National President, wrote to the Minister of Public Safety, Hon. Ralph Goodale, to express to him the concerns our Association has regarding the effect severe staff shortages and inadequate compensation is having upon the rank and file of the RCMP; sworn officers and civilian staff alike.

Noting several media reports highlighting staff shortages across the country, Mr. Rivard observed to Minister Goodale that, “The effect of these staggering staff shortages upon RCMP personnel still on the job are as predictable as they are demoralizing. The results are exhaustion, depression and frustration, creating a work environment predisposed to making staff more susceptible to physical injuries, operational stress injuries, irritability, substance abuse and relationship challenges that deprive them of those values we hold dear; a healthy balance of work and personal life; pride in a job well done; confidence in knowing that they are valued and that their employer sincerely cares about their welfare.”

Mr. Rivard also commented upon the inadequacy of RCMP pay and the effect that overwork and poor compensation will have on the RCMP’s capacity to recruit and retain well-qualified employees in every job category.

Mr. Rivard concluded in expressing a sincere hope that these financial and resource issues will be addressed in the federal budget scheduled to be tabled on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.