On November 4, 2017, David Flannigan, Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL), hosted a meeting at the Dominion Branch in Kanata, Ontario of leaders of several Veterans organizations in Canada to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern affecting the health and welfare of our Veterans.

Veterans organizations present and participating included the RCN Association, the Maritime Air Veterans Association, the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada, the Air Force Association of Canada, the Canadian Naval Air Group, the Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones, ANAVETS, Polish Combattants Association, CAV, CPVA, Communications and Electronics Association, NCVA and the RCMP Veterans’ Association. RCMP VA was represented by our President, Al Rivard.

Following these consultations at Dominion Headquarters, on November 23, 2017, RCL Dominion President Mr. Flannigan wrote a letter to Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada, the Hon, Seamus O’Regan, to articulate the issues jointly discussed, and sought the Minister’s comments and commitment to address issues including the definition of frailty in the context of consideration for veterans’ benefits, status of the Veterans’ ID Card, and the weight assigned by the Minister to the advice proffered to him by the various Advisory Groups established. This letter was jointly signed by attendant Veterans organization leaders, including Pres. Rivard.

Minister O’Regan responded on December 21, 2017, acknowledging receipt of the November 23, 2017 letter, and indicating that he will “provide a response as soon as possible.”

We will keep you apprised of any substantive response from the Minister regarding these issues and others of import to our membership.