The Association is currently seeking an individual to fill the position of Chief Administration Officer within the Secretariat of the Association.

The job description follows. Interested parties are asked to forward a resume to Past President Steve Walker at

RCMP Veterans Association (RCMPVA)

JOB DESCRIPTION – Chief Administration Officer (CAO)


Under the supervision of the President of the RCMPVA, the CAO reports directly to the Board of the RCMPVA.

Under the direction and advice of the Board, the CAO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the RCMPVA by:

  • Developing and implementing the business and strategic plans for the RCMPVA;
  • Daily managing human resources of the RCMPVA;
  • Operations Management;
  • Overseeing and allocating financial resources as embodied in the financial budget developed by the RCMPVA Board;
  • Providing supervision guidance to subordinate staff and evaluating performance;
  • Managing internal and external stakeholders;
  • Recommending to the Board certain actions to ensure the RCMPVA meets the standards and regulatory requirements of not-for-profit organizations;
  • Assisting in other tasks as assigned by the Board.


Strategic Planning and Development for the Association:

Under the direction of the Board, the CAO:

  • Develops the Mission Statement and sets the goals for the departments;
  • Develops and supports strategic priorities, community/corporate relationships and industry partnerships;
  • Develops business and procedural plans, including:
    • revenue opportunities;
    • program procedures, corporate partnerships, special events, organizational planning and human resources;
    • ongoing relationships with government (provincial, regional, municipal);
    • strategic marketing and communication activities and digital presence (ie. website, social media);
    • updating, enhancing and securing administrative and record keeping policies and procedures with current technology that meets the needs of the RCMPVA and complies with not-for-profit regulations and general corporate standards ;
    • providing the Board with confidential and strategic advice, information and data to support financial and regulatory decision making;
    • performing corporate intelligence and research programs of not-for -profit activities of similar organization to effectively improve and update the RCMPVA policies and procedures;
  • Performs other strategic planning activities as directed.

Human Resource Management:

Under the direction of the Board, the CAO:

  • Oversees and reviews the administrative structure to ensure that;
    •  human resources are efficiently and effectively managed;
    • staffing and roles match strategic needs, including prioritization of tasks and strategic workforce planning for future growth.
  • Leads the recruitment, evaluation, promotion and retention programs;
  • Serves as a mentor, coach, and guide to staff to ensure the successful and collaborative execution of responsibilities;
  • Manages the annual staff performance review process and position descriptions and re-evaluation;
  • Develops and oversees work processes to best support operations;
  • Oversees succession planning processes and discussions;
  • Serves as key liaison with RCMP Human Resources on all human resource issues;
  • Ensures operations and activities adhere to all RCMPVA policies;
  • Ensures changes in administrative and operational matters are internally communicated to the Board and others as required;
  • Performs other human resource activities as directed.

Operational Oversight:

Under the direction of the Board, the CAO:

  • Manages all facilities and equipment with the aim of facilitating a state-of-the-art operational environment;
  • Ensures the efficient and equitable use of facilities and equipment, including allocation of space;
  • Ensures that the technology and quality of electronic data management resources are upgraded and maintained with new emerging technology to ensure the RCMPVA can provide leading-edge quality services to its members;
  • Participates with the RCMP in discussions on building maintenance, building projects, renovations and new construction;
  • Authorizes the purchase and allocation of equipment and furnishings in accordance with the budget and fiscal requirements;
  • Oversees office facility emergency operations and procedures and participates in building security initiatives;
  • Performs other operational activities as directed.  

Financial oversight:

Under the direction of the Board, the CAO:

  • Assists the RCMPVA Treasurer to develop the annual operating budget including capital and operational expenditures;
  • Ensures funds are available to support strategic priorities and makes recommendations to the Treasurer on ways to address shortfalls in budget demands;
  • Provides advice and guidance to the Treasurer to assist the effective management of financial operations, trusts, endowments, research accounts and other monetary assets;
  • Makes recommendations to the RCMPVA Treasurer and the Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC) on matters that come to the CAO’s attention that may reflect on the financial management of the RCMPVA;
  • Manages the budget of the office of the CAO, and other departments under the CAO’s supervision, to meet the budgetary requirements set in the annual budget;
  • Performs other financial activities as directed.

Management of the Office of the CAO

The CAO is responsible to ensure that the Office of the CAO operates in an efficient manner by:

  • Making recommendations to the Board to ensure sufficient human and other resources are available to meet the needs of the RCMPVA programs;
  • Submitting to the Board for approval an annual budget for the Office of the CAO, then managing the office in accordance with the budget and the strategic plan of the RCMPVA;
  • Working closely with and making recommendations to the Board to manage the assets and resources of the RCMPVA. This includes:
    • Reporting monthly to the Board, or more frequently as required, on matters relating to the administration, operation or regulatory requirements of the RCMPVA;
    • Developing and implementing internal communication systems to facilitate the interchange of information amongst the stakeholders of the RCMPVA;
    •  Developing and supporting strategic plans as developed
  • Managing the hard assets, the electronic hardware and software assets to ensure they meet the needs of the RCMPVA;
  • Managing and supervising the contracted and part- and full-time human resource assets including performance evaluations and making recommendations to the Board to ensure the staffing level meets the needs of the RCMPVA;
  • Performing other management activities as directed.

Management of Internal and External Stakeholders:

The CAO is the primary liaison with the government, the media, the public, numerous internal and external partners and staff and is responsible for reporting issues or events to the Board in a timely manner, along with recommendations to ensure the needs of the RCMPVA are met.

This includes developing, updating and following a RCMPVA Liaison Plan.

Internal relationships include:

The Board of Directors

RCMPVA members and other members of the RCMP

Full-time and part time contracted employees

Contracting companies

External relationships include:

Local government and other stakeholders (Municipal, Provincial, Federal)


Industry partners

Other law enforcement organizations

Where appropriate, other not-for-profit organizations.


  • Education:
    • A bachelor’s degree in commerce, finance, criminology, economics or other related degrees is preferred;
      • Preference may be given to those candidates holding an MBA or other similar degrees. Successful completion of the Canadian Police College Senior Police Administration Course or the Executive Development Courses are also given preference;
    • Additional education or professional development courses in management, operations, human resource administration and/or communications is also preferred.
  • Management Experience:
    • As the senior administrator, s/he requires significant experience with strategic planning and organizational development
    • A successful track record in human resource management including de-escalating and/or resolving staffing issues
    • The successful candidate will have a positive record in the areas of financial and operations management, marketing and communication;
    • The successful candidate will demonstrate a successful track record with increasing responsibility in organizational management
    • The successful candidate will demonstrate his/her leadership qualities.
  • Other Qualities:
    • Willingness to acquire knowledge of the Canada Not-For-Profit Act and Regulations policies, procedures and guidelines;
    • Demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skills and be a proven strategic and pragmatic thinker;
    • Excellent interpersonal skills are required, including outstanding verbal and written communication skills and a proven record of demonstrated tact, judgment, and diplomacy;
    • Must be confident, organized, a long-range planner and an accomplished problem-solver, able to quickly assess situations and individuals and lead solutions;
    • Demonstrated ability to make independent decisions and to build consensus;
    • Proven track record of successful relationship-building. In the role, the successful candidate will work and collaborate across government ministries, departments, and with various internal and external stakeholders;
    • Advanced user experience with Microsoft Office suite preferable;
    • Fully bilingual (English and French) an asset;
    • Previous employment with the RCMP required;
    • Residence in the National Capital Region required;
    • RCMP “Enhanced Reliability” security clearance required;
    • Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status required