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Membership in the association is open to a wide range of former and serving members and employees of the RCMP. Membership is only available to a person of good character who has had his/her application reviewed and approved by a division credentials committee.

Benefits of Membership

  • Fellowship & Networking: Enjoy the fellowship of having served in the RCMP Family, at your own pace and in a way that fits your preferences;
  • Information & Education: Be kept informed on matters affecting the Association and members…follow us on our website, Facebook, Twitter, email news and Last Post announcements, and participate in seminars;
  • Representation & Advocacy: Know that the Association constantly represents the interests of members, with the Force, at the federal government level, and at the local community level, e.g. Board members take part in various government committees to protect and improve benefits, including testifying at Parliamentary committees to inform our governments at all levels about our Association and to protect our acquired benefits;
  • Support & Assistance: Know that assistance will be provided to members and their families when needed, including access to the RCMP Benefit Trust Fund;
  • Bereavement Support: Know that spouses and families will receive assistance, after the death of members/pensioners, including support with funeral arrangements and follow-up on allowances and benefits;
  • Opportunity: To share in our efforts to preserve and continually enrich the heritage and traditions of our RCMP family and to actively participate in the affairs of the Association;
  • Loyalty Programs: For “member only” access to several goods, services, and events, under or through the Association; and

We are: Veterans helping veterans and their families under a not-for-profit organization operated by volunteers…

Why not join your RCMP Veterans’ Association with confidence, knowing that you and your family are welcomed and will be cared for in the good and bad times of life after the Force, and that your Association is operated in a purposeful and fiscally responsible manner for its members.

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