As you may already be aware, there have been historical safety concerns originating from the training facility in Kemptville, Ontario that was used by the RCMP from 1988 to 2005.

Following a review of available records, the RCMP has confirmed that there were hazardous substances present within the Kemptville building while it was being used as a training facility. The hazardous substances identified include friable asbestos; building materials containing silica; lead in peeling paint; unsafe levels of lead, E.coli and coliform bacteria in the potable water; hazardous moulds; and rodent and insect infestation.

The RCMP is working with stakeholders and partners to identify persons that attended the facility either as instructors, participants, or staff members. A formal notification letter containing additional information regarding the building conditions will be sent directly to every person that has been identified as having attended the Kemptville facility from 1988 until it was closed in 2005.

If you attended the Kemptville training facility, please send RCMP Occupational Health and Safety the following information by e-mail at: in order to ensure you receive the letter with further instructions.

  • Name
  • HRMIS number (if applicable)
  • Regimental number (if applicable)
  • Email and mailing address
  • A description of your role at the facility and the approximate date(s) that you were there.

If you know someone who attended the facility but is no longer with the RCMP, please provide them with this information or reach out to our mailbox with the person’s name and contact details, if you have them.

The RCMP conducts regular monitoring of its facilities and commits to communicating new information to members and employees as it becomes available.

The RCMP values the health and safety of all persons. There are policies, operational procedures, training and equipment in place to protect the health, safety and well-being of our members, employees and the communities we serve.

Gail Johnson
Chief Human Resources Officer