Fourth annual Ride for the Vets performed by RCMP Musical Ride

On a fine spring day at the Canadian Police College the RCMP Musical Ride performed for the members and families of the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Ottawa Division. This marked the 4th annual performance of the Ride for the Vets – a relatively new tradition that the Vets certainly hope to nurture and maintain! Not surprisingly, there are a fair number of ‘old ride guys & girls’ among the Vets. We all feel a great sense of pride and appreciation knowing that the Ride performs expressly for the Vets.

It was the first formal performance of the Ride for their upcoming tour season. It may interest our readers to know that the Ride staff and members welcome this early opportunity to perform: it is effectively a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the obligatory Commissioner’s Inspection that follows the very next day. So the Ride members work out their early season jitters, and the Vets provide the ‘clapping and cheering’. Simply magic.

The Vets were graciously received by Superintendent Leslie Cook, OIC Equitation Branch, and Inspector Pat Egan, OIC of the Ride. This year’s Ride was trained by Acting Sergeant Jeremy Dawson.

President Michel Seguin took the salute on behalf of the Vets’ VIP guests, including A/Commr. Serge Theriault, Executive Director of Public Affairs. Roughly 180 veterans and family members gathered for the performance. A small reception was hosted by the Ottawa Division before and after the performance in the Musical Ride Reception Centre. Suzanne Sarault, our Ottawa Division Director of Communication, gave a fine account of herself as the Master of Ceremonies. And Garth Hampson sang the National Anthem at the conclusion of the performance.

Sergeant-at-arms Marc Dureau did an extraordinary job of organization and planning. And the Division is thankful to the father and son team of Gilles and Marc Andre Terriault for providing hospitality at the Reception Centre.