On April 1, 2017, the RCMP will launch an enhanced Disability Management and Accommodation Program for members. The purpose of this program is to provide coordinated support for ill or injured members while they recover, and to help members remain at, or return to work as soon as it is safe to do so. This program will be available regardless of the nature or cause of their illness, injury or disability.

Realigned roles and responsibilities: A Subsidiary Manual has been created, which better reflects disability management and accommodation as a shared responsibility of both the employee and the RCMP as an employer. The roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in this process have been realigned, with a view of establishing a proactive, team-based approach to case management.

Members and supervisors will have a primary point of contact: Twenty-five Disability Management Advisors and eleven Disability Management Coordinators have been hired across the Force. They will serve as the central point of contact working with members, their supervisors, the RCMP Occupational Health Team and other stakeholders to lead case management activities and the accommodation process.

Proactive vs. reactive approach: The program incorporates best practices in disability management, including early intervention which enables us to proactively plan for any accommodation needs that the member may have. It also helps to ensure that they are able to access the services and supports throughout their recovery by keeping the line of communication open throughout the entire process. Rather than being reactive, the new program will allow the RCMP to take a proactive approach to case management: one that is focused on an employee’s abilities, rather than on their limitations.

Consistency across the Force: The program establishes a consistent approach to case management. Every case is unique, but each will be managed by the same standards of fairness, timeliness and respect.