On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Sgt. Kim Hendricken, RCMP Liaison Officer to Veterans Affairs Canada, gave a presentation at RCMP NHQ, Ottawa, respecting the Disability Benefits Program for RCMP Veterans and serving personnel.

During the presentation, Sgt. Hendricken identified the legislative framework governing “the obligation of the people and Government of Canada to provide compensation to those members of the forces who have been disabled or have died as a result of military service, and to their dependants.”

Sgt. Hendricken also;
– essential requirements for any disability pension claim,
– specified the specific allowances RCMP Veterans and serving personnel may qualify for,
– provided the financial range of disability pensions – based on the assessment and severity of a disability and its affect upon a recipient’s quality of life,
– identified the top ten (10) medical conditions that RCMP Veterans / personnel have submitted claims for; Hearing Loss topping the list.

Sgt. Hendricken strongly encouraged all Veterans & serving personnel to log onto the VAC website and to create a MY VAC ACCOUNT, even if you don’t have an existing service-related health concern.

Sgt. Hendricken provided her contact work phone number as 902-370-4908.