The following message has been sent to CTV News

I note you had Paul Palango on CTV News Atlantic on June 9th.
This is the same man who said the shooter from Portapique was an RCMP informant with a “license to kill” . This is the same man who said that the shooter collected $475,000 from Brinks as a payment from the RCMP when in fact he simply cashed out his RRSPs and that is the standard procedure that Banks utilize to handle this type of large cash transaction. This is the same man who claimed a Staff Sergeant in Tantallon refused to authorize overtime because it would affect his non existent performance pay. Palango knows that none of this is true.  There are many other examples of Palango’s ethical standards but at the root of the problem are his “sources”. They are typically anonymous, if they exist at all, and his stories generally morph into what has accurately been described as fairy tales.
And now Palango and Frank Magazine have stooped to an unbelievable new low by publishing a leaked 911 tape from a 12 year old boy and two other victims. Whomever leaked these recordings will hopefully be held to account but, in a race to the bottom of incivility and with no regard whatsoever for the victims and their families, Palango and Frank Magazine have managed to lower the bar to yet another level. He also had the unmitigated gall to criticize the families of the victims for being outraged. Its despicable!!
If that wasn’t enough Palango and Frank Magazine now report that the RCMP members ” executed” the shooter and CTV News ran with that story. Anyone with an ounce of policing experience would dispute everything he says about these latest video clips. Even your own policing expert, Chris Lewis pounded holes in his accusation and yet CTV News continues to give Palango a platform. Why??
Palango has been on his life long rant about the RCMP and the tragedy of Portapique and not allowing the Commission to do their work without distraction. This tragedy was the most unprecedented and horrible event in Canadian history and there is no chance the response would have been done perfectly in any jurisdiction. Some tough lessons will be learned but it is imperative that the Commission, and only the Commission be the credible source for all answers in regards to Portapique. Not Palango, Not Frank Magazine, Not CTV News or anyone else.

Stephen Mills, S/Sgt.
(Ret)Office of Public Engagement
RCMP Veterans’ Association