Participants include families, advocacy groups, police organizations

The inquiry will look at how police and various federal and provincial agencies responded, and how victims, their families and citizens were informed and supported. 

All of the families of the victims except for that of RCMP Const. Heidi Stevenson, who was killed by Wortman in the final hours of the rampage, have asked to participate.

The shooter’s common-law spouse, Lisa Banfield, also applied to be a part of the process. Banfield has been charged with providing the gunman with some of the ammunition he used during the rampage, although police say she didn’t know what he was planning.

The commission received more than 60 applications for participation. Forms of participation may include testifying under oath, participating in roundtable discussions, providing expert reports or opinion evidence.

The federal and provincial governments have already been invited to participate. The RCMP is included in the federal government’s participation rights.

Participants include Nova Scotia Division.

Police-related organizations

  • Atlantic Police Association (APA) 
  • Canadian Police Association (CPA)
  • National Police Federation (NPF)
  • Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police Association (NSCPA)
  • RCMP Veterans Association of Nova Scotia (RCMP-VANS)
  • Truro Police Service (TPS)