Early in July 2018, our e-commerce program was launched with a pilot program to attract new members, to offer subscriptions to The Quarterly, and to introduce our Association to 21st century technology. Suffice to say there was a period where the process worked and when it did not go well. We are grateful for those that worked/stayed with us through the start-up period – thank you!

In September 2018, the program was taken off line and the “bugs” were identified and resolved; giving the Association an improved program and supporting processes.

In January 2019, the e-commerce program was relaunched and is working smoothly accepting new member applications and The Quarterly subscriptions.

I am very enthused by the program that is now in place. We are receiving an average of one new membership application per day.

With the start-up challenges of the initial launch behind us, work has begun on the next level of service for our membership – the renewal of our annual membership dues. Once that process has been finalized and is functioning seamlessly for the end user, it will be launched. It will be a new era for our Association and hopefully, relevant to our new members and to our current membership – reducing our dependence on hard copy papers and snail mail.

We have added a set of FAQs and a help desk contact to the e-commerce webpage. Anyone wishing to join the Association or subscribe to The Quarterly magazine online should take a moment to read the “Benefits of Membership” and the FAQs.

Personally, since my time in this Association, this is the greatest advancement of new technology to become a daily function for our members and potential members. I look forward to seeing what the next generation of advancements will be.

Robert L McKee
Director BTF/Communications
e-commerce Transition Team
RCMP Veterans’ Association