The BOD has completed the Resolutions and the Chair of the Nomination Committee has identified five (5) Director positions requiring nominees to fill five (5) positions at the 2018 AGM in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the May 25, 2018.

Nominees for Directors

Pursuant to By-law 71 the following nominations have been received and reviewed by the Nomination Committee for forwarding to all members. Their will be no election for these positions, and the Directors listed hereunder, will be appointed and inducted at AGM 2018.

Those nominated are listed below in alphabetical order.

Resolutions for AGM 2018

Two (2) Resolutions are being presented to members for consideration prior to AGM 2018:

Context for Resolution #1: Association By-law 84 requires that an Auditor must be appointed at each Annual General Meeting.

Context for Resolution #2: With this amendment, the Board of Directors will provide for increased depth and continuity of leadership through increasing a Director’s term from 2 years to 3 years and to provide for annual nominations / elections for 3 Directors each year. This alignment of positions, terms and elections should provide members with opportunity to serve for one or two terms where interest includes serving in the Officer positions of the Association.

This will prepare you to be fully aware of the necessary detailed information in advance of the E-Vote.

All reports, profiles of candidates and resolutions are posted on thhis website under AGM 2018.

A Montreal firm, Simply Voting has been contracted once again to manage this voting process. E-Voting will take place from 23rd April to the 15th May 2018 for the AGM in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the 25th May 2018. All active members with email will receive a ballot by email to vote and return their ballots by email to Simply Voting.

Please watch for this incoming email, and check your junk mail folders, in the event the ballot from Simply Voting is channeled there by your email provider; ie. Hotmail, Shaw, Sympatico, Gmail, Telus, Rogers, etc.

Those without email will receive their ballots by regular post.

Please take the time to vote. Your input is sought and your direction is needed to help focus the activities of the Association over the year ahead, and to help us determine the issues that are important to the membership, and the priority that should be assigned to them.