On Tuesday, November 28, Acting Commissioner Daniel Dubeau issued a Force-wide communique following the apology issued to LGBTQ2 Canadians by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons earlier in the day. Acting Commissioner Dubeau’s message is here below.

Today, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, apologized on behalf of the Government of Canada for the injustices experienced by LGBTQ2 Canadians as a result of federal legislation, policies and programs.

We support the Prime Minister’s apology and we recognize the pain that the RCMP caused to many people through our role in enforcing historically unjust laws and the discrimination members of our own organization once faced. In this same spirit, I am also pleased to share with you a message (see attached) from the Clerk of the Privy Council, Mr. Michael Wernick, to all federal employees of Canada regarding this historic day.

As society has evolved, the RCMP has made considerable efforts to promote diversity and inclusion across the Force. I believe we have come a long way towards a workplace that embraces and respects the individuality of all employees.

For example, in 2016, the RCMP created the Workforce Culture and Employee Engagement (WCEE) unit to place a greater focus on diversity, inclusion, and continue to promote a respectful workplace. We are also developing a “Transitioning in the RCMP Guidebook” to help improve the experience of employees considering or planning their gender transition in the workplace. The Guidebook will be made available to all RCMP employees in 2018. We have invited our security and intelligence partners to join us in the annual celebration of Diversity Week this January, which will focus on LGBTQ2 Pride.

We have established national advisory committees that advocate on behalf of women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and LGBTQ2 employees to improve inclusiveness in the organization. Training material is in development to increase our employees’ understanding of issues specific to those with different backgrounds, genders, religions, and sexual orientations.

We participate in Pride celebrations around the country and encourage people of all backgrounds with an interest in helping others to consider a career in the RCMP. I am proud that we celebrate our own diversity and embrace the diversity of others while serving without bias from coast to coast to coast.

It is only by accepting and celebrating the contributions of all people that we can reach our full potential, and achieve our greatest success. We cannot change – and should never forget – our history, but we must stay focused on the future and continue working toward an organization where every employee feels valued, respected, and that they belong.

Daniel G.J. Dubeau, D/Commr
Acting Commissioner