Mister Prime Minister,

« Systemic » Which is relative to a system in itself

Mister Prime Minister Trudeau

Your search for justice toward the Aboriginals should not translate itself by declarations founded on perceptions rather than on documented facts. We do not need to compare ourselves to the « foul mouths” of our southern neighbors and act as if they are similar to ours.. We are much different in our ways to perceive such things. Suffice to think of immigration, racism, weapons control and police to name a few.

You, that we have protected since your infancy, would have to lead us to believe that you are more acquainted with the RCMP than your recent statement depicts, especially based on your personal experience on how many RCMP members that you have met are considered racist. Your manner to conclude that the RCMP is « systematic racist » is based on myth rather than true facts.

It was an error to have ” sullied “ the Commissioner of the RCMP in the public domain, forcing her to retract herself in order to support her Prime Minister in contempt of her members. She had lost some credibility within the RCMP and more seriously by the Canadian population. She is now perceived as the Head of an organization submissive to the public power rather than being independent to political motives.

The RCMP is present in all provinces and territories, with provincial police responsibilities in eight provinces and three territories. In addition, municipal responsibilities for 52 municipalities. Fifteen to twenty thousands members implement thousands of operations every day. Of course, on some occasions, members under pressure overreact. However, these misdemeanors are never ordered, supported or tolerated by any level of management.

During the 1990’s the RCMP created a Directorate headed by an Assistant Commissioner, specially dedicated to the needs of the Aboriginal Nations. Also, a group of « Elders » were appointed to counsel the RCMP to better meet their objectives and services. Is this a systematically racist Organization?

Is it thinkable that persons of such distinction as the Honorable Brian Mulroney would have supported the RCMP if known to be racist? He was known to have ferociously fought for the rights of the Black Communities in South Africa. Do you also believe that the Honorable Jean Chretien would have been so blind to this fact, especially being a father of an aboriginal son? In addition, do you think such honorable persons such as Commissioner Nadon, Simmonds, Inkster and Murray would have tolerated such a situation?

During my thirty five year career, I have met hundreds of politicians and have gotten to know, due to my responsibilities, not less than seven Solicitors General during my term, responsible for all criminal operations throughout Canada. During that period, we had more than thirty complaints concerning members of Parliament. In addition, the RCMP conducted hundreds of investigations during many years implicating political representatives of all parties. As a result, one must not come to the conclusion that our Government, especially our politicians are part of a corrupt system. Definitely not!

In conclusion, Mister Prime Minister and all members of Parliament who try to gain political points on the back of the RCMP members should show some discomfort and embarrassment. In fact, they should have requested for explanations, valid and dependable statistics before identifying our members as racist and by doing so, humiliating us by kneeling down as if demanding pardon for our renowned Organization who has served our country with honor, integrity and devotion for the last 147 years.

Gilles Favreau
Deputy Commissioner of Operations (retired)