Supporting All First Responders In This Time Of Wrenching Upheaval And The Vital Services They Perform
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Welcome to the RCMP Veterans' Association Website

Bring your skills and experience into the Association to work with colleagues in helping our entire membership.

Here to serve those who have served

The RCMP Veterans’ Association (RCMPVA) has been in existence since 1886. It was incorporated under the name Royal Northwest Mounted Police Veterans’ Association by Letters Patent under the Companies Act on January 14, 1924, and steps were taken on December 1, 1954 to change the Association’s name to reflect the present-day name of the Force..

Purposes and objectives of the association

The Association came into being out of a recognition that the training, experience and comradery that members had obtained/developed during their active service, could still be put to very meaningful use in individual and collective service to Canada, the Force and other former members (or members of their immediate families and their dependents). That worthwhile precept, is still current today. To that end, the Association continues to subscribe to the following worthy purposes and objects in its Constitution:

  • to promote and assist in the promotion and advancement of the best interests of Canada;
  • to be of service to the Government of Canada when required and requested;
  • to co-operate with and to render assistance to the Police, especially the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in all matters of common interest or concern;
  • to promote the physical, social and economic welfare of the Association’s members or the members of their immediate families;
  • to provide support to worthy community services or organizations of a charitable or benevolent nature.

The Force and the Association

The Force’s post-discharge responsibilities to former members are generally limited to ensuring that entitlements earned during one’s service are fully paid. While the Association takes a great deal of satisfaction out of its excellent rapport with the Force over the years, it also recognizes that enhancement to existing post-discharge benefits, must often be generated outside the Force, for the reason that the Force’s focus is primarily on serving members. The Force recognizes the Association as a credible advocate for the interests of former members. To retain that important status with the Force, it is vital that the Association be seen as truly representing former members, and this can best be achieved through strong and growing membership.


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Winter Warm Up - belairdirect
Winter Warm Up - belairdirect