Maintiens Le Droit Trust Fund

The transition of the charity arm of the RCMP Veterans’ Association from the RCMPVA Benefit Trust Fund to the Fonds fiduciaire Maintiens Le Droit Trust Fund (operating under the business name of the MLD Trust Fund) is now almost complete.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Charities Directorate has approved the name change for the charity, the Board of Trustees has been appointed to operate and maintain the charity, a separate bank account has been established and the transfer of funds between the two organizations has been completed.

The only remaining element to complete the full transition is the approval of the CRA for the revised purposes of the Charity and the activities the Charity can be engaged in. In essence, and with the approval of the CRA, the MLD Trust Fund will expand the financial assistance support to situations, if warranted, that were not covered by the RCMP and the RCMPVA Benefit Trust Funds.