Year Established: 1960
2016 Membership: 198 active and life / 64 associate and honorary
Regular Meetings: Third Wednesday of every month
Communications: Division newsletter and website

As a Division in a non-contract province, and a large city, Toronto, this Division experiences some particular difficulties in attracting new members to our fold. For many members ”O“ Division is a 9-5 job that does not engender the type of camaraderie that is experienced in contract provinces. Frequently the members live a long way from work and the daily commute means that they have little interest in going out of an evening having just arrived home and are loathe to deal with Toronto traffic.

Faced with these challenges the Division has started to change the services we provide to our members. Services that may not require direct physical participation but which will have clearly apparent benefits.

Our initial step has been to appoint a new advocacy officer, Mr. Chris Lavin, to get and keep abreast of developments in the benefits that are available to our members through a variety of organizations such as Veterans’ Affairs (VAC). We anticipate that Mr. Lavin will be able to provide appropriate advice to our members and news regarding developments can be circulated through our newsletter and on our webpage.

Tradition and heritage events

  • Donations to Community Association for Riding for the Disabled (C.A.R.D.);
  • Donations to Army Cadets;
  • Bursary Program to assist student with Post-Secondary education;
  • Make donations in honour of deceased members.


Sick and shut-in visits
Visitations to veterans and members, and get-well offerings.

Law enforcement/community

  • RCMP medal ceremonies
  • Remembrance Day Service Attendance throughout the Division’s communities
  • Attendance at Annual Police Memorial Service
  • RCMP Retirement Seminars

Association programs/services

  • Division advocacy; Updates on veteran issues and benefits, such as estate planning insurance, etc.
  • Honour guard at wakes and funerals
  • Annual gravesite inspections

Special events

  • Monthly meeting/social events
  • Annual Christmas Wine & Cheese Party
  • Annual October Fest, Bursary awards and service awards luncheon
  • Guest Speakers on topics of interest to members